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Select from an excellent range of Riviera Maya boat and yacht tours where you'll be able to experience the wonderful surroundings and the breathtaking clear blue waters of the Riviera Maya Coast. Why choose a tour of the Riviera Maya with Grand Gypsea Charters? we have many experiences available to include Diving and Snorkel, Fishing, Tubing or how about some swimming with Turtles or to hold a Starfish?. Grand Gypsea Charters can provide a unique experience throughout of your Riviera Maya Tour, for example If you are looking for something a little more special and unique, speak with the team at Grand Gypsea Charters today, we can build a tour package suited to you as an individual giving you the best of everything whilst touring the Riviera Maya.

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Grand Gypsea Charters and Team Works Adventures, are part of the same parent company, both offering completely different Riviera Maya excursions, tours and experiences which can be enjoyed both on-land and on-sea. Whilst Grand Gypsea Charters concentrates on a variety of on-sea boat tours, adventures and all round fun experiences, Team Works Adventures are solely on-land tours which includes exciting tours on motorcycles, or something slightly different, being Glamping which is Jungle Camping.

We have tours and experiences on-sea with or on-land that are suitable and affordable for all, whether you seek a fun experience under a certain budget or would like a private luxury yacht tour, we can do it all!